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We honestly love treating our patients. It’s why we do it day in day out. Whether you’re young, old, a top athlete or an amateur jogger, your fitness and wellbeing matters all the same. Every successful rehabilitation is a triumph in our eyes. The following stories show us in action and the pride we take in getting our patients back on their feet!

Neil Minter & Associates have been treating our middle distance squad for over 10 years and have reduced time out of training through injury considerably. We are lucky to have such experienced and professional support available to us and our squad. For sport and day to do Physiotherapy I could not recommend them more highly.



Amanda came to see me with right side neck and shoulder pain and left side mid and lower back pain.

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Jayden Gough

Pro Squash Player

Jayden Gough is a professional squash player. He presented to the practice with sudden onset Achilles tendon pain with minimal swelling, which started whilst on court playing in a competition. The diagnosis was acute Achilles tendinitis.

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paul Anderson

PGA Golf Professional

Paul came to see me with neck pain and restricted movement, which was affecting his performance as a Professional Golfer.

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Aaron Kuhl

English Pro Footballer

Aaron Kuhl is a professional footballer who played for Championship side Reading, as a midfielder. Whilst playing Football, Aaron sustained a medial collateral ligament rupture.

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