Pro Squash Player

Jayden Gough

Jayden Gough is a professional squash player. He presented to the practice with sudden onset Achilles tendon pain with minimal swelling, which started whilst on court playing in a competition. The diagnosis was acute Achilles tendinitis.

Treatment consisted of local massage and ultrasound to reduce pain and swelling followed by a rehabilitation program concentrating on flexibility of the posterior leg musculature and progressive loading of the calf and Achilles tendon complex to strengthen the tendon and to return Jayden to Professional Competitive Squash.

The challenge

The difficulty in Jayden’s case was to relatively rest the tendon whilst still maintaining his strength and fitness and we did this by the use of heel raises, advising him on specific footwear and adapting his gait to reduce the stress on the tendon in the early stages to reduce inflammation, swelling and pain.  At the same time using other forms of exercise to maintain his aerobic capability.

Four treatments over six weeks were completely successful in returning him back to Professional Competition Squash.

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